What is the Secret Network?

The Secret Network is a decentralized network of computers (secret nodes) that utilize trusted execution environments (TEEs) to enable secure, private computation. This allows developers to build Secret Apps - unstoppable applications that can utilize encrypted data without ever exposing the data itself, even to the nodes in the network performing computations. This gives developers and users power to control how data is used, shared, and protected.

The first Secret Network mainnet was launched in February 2020. Here is one popular Secret Network block explorer: https://explorer.cashmaney.com/

You can run your own secret node or build your own Secret App! Visit our documentation and learn more about our project using the links below.

Secret Network Homepage


Secret Network Official Blog

https://blog.scrt.network created with Ghost

Secret Network Official Chat

https://chat.scrt.network— core community real-time Rocket.chat

Secret Network Official Forum


Secret Network Documentation

https://docs.scrt.network/ — hosted on GitHub, for devs and validators

Secret Network Official Twitter


Secret Network Telegram Announcements