The Secret Binance Smart Chain Bridge is Live on Mainnet!

The Secret BSC Bridge is now LIVE on mainnet, doubling the number of supported Secret Tokens! Learn what this means for BSC, ETH, and Secret users; how you can use the new bridge; upcoming yield opportunities; upcoming secret bridges... and more.

The Secret Binance Smart Chain Bridge is Live on Mainnet!

Hello to all! đź‘‹

Today we are thrilled to share that the Secret Binance Smart Chain Bridge has launched on the Secret Network mainnet - and with it comes the ability to bridge BEP20 tokens into their privacy-preserving equivalents (“Secret Tokens”) on Secret Network. This unlocks transactional privacy and programmable privacy for BSC assets while enabling holders to take advantage of Secret DeFi opportunities.

You can now view and interact with the Secret Binance Smart Chain Bridge at:

Here is the list of initial supported BEP20 tokens:


The following yield opportunities across Secret DeFi are immediately accessible to the BSC community:

  • Earn Cashback ($CHSBK) for swapping and exchanging with other Secret Tokens
  • Provide liquidity for Secret Token/SCRT Pairs (currently ~90% APY)
  • Stake $SEFI, governance Secret Token for SecretSwap (currently ~72% APY)

In the coming days, we will announce new $SEFI pools that allow BSC users to take advantage of more yield opportunities in Secret DeFi! Stay tuned for these announcements and opportunities for you to help expand adoption of multichain privacy.

For now, check out the earn pools at:

The Secret Binance Smart Chain Bridge brings programmable privacy to BEP20 assets, allowing them to enter Secret Network as privacy-preserving "Secret Tokens." Secret Tokens are a powerful concept - they're programmable like ERC-20s and usable in applications, but they remain private by default like Monero and similar coins. They can represent any asset, or they can be fully native to Secret Network.

Use Secret Bridges now at:

SecretSwap & Secret BEP20 Liquidity Pools

With the launch of the BSC Bridge also comes support for these BEP-20 Secret Tokens on SecretSwap - a front-running resistant, cross-chain and privacy-first AMM for creating liquidity and trading Secret Tokens on Secret Network. Secret Swap is a protocol for creating liquidity and trading Secret Tokens on Secret Network. Leveraging secret contracts, Secret Swap protects users against malicious front-running and privacy threats, provides access to cross-chain liquidity, and reduced fees relative to other Layer-1 blockchains.

There's been a ton of momentum building for SecretSwap, recently passing $200,000,000 in cumulative volume since its launch!


There are amazing opportunities to immediately contribute liquidity with Secret Tokens on SecretSwap and get rewarded with $SEFI (the native governance token for Secret DeFi and SecretSwap) in return. As we mentioned, new incentivized liquidity pools for BSC assets will be announced in the coming days! That means you can earn big APYs for helping provide multichain liquidity and multichain privacy.

Learn how you can get started with liquidity providing on SecretSwap today by watching the full-length tutorial below! (It also includes detailed instructions on how to bridge assets, create viewing keys, and more.)

Secret Network as a MultiChain Privacy Hub

Just some of the active bridges to Secret Network, enabling it

The Binance Smart Chain Bridge is the second Secret Bridge to launch on mainnet, joining the Secret Ethereum Bridge (already live on mainnet and securing over $60M in Ethereum assets). We've previously announced the Secret Monero Bridge and Secret Plasm Bridge (facilitating a connection between Polkadot and Cosmos ecosystems), both live on testnet. As more bridges get added to mainnet, Secret DeFi users will have a wider array of Secret Tokens to interact with, securing Secret Network's role as the privacy hub of the blockchain universe.

If you want to see more assets supported on Secret Network and more Secret Bridges - including any more BEP20 assets on Binance Smart Chain - you can register your interest using the Bridge Interest Form. We'd love to help you provide liquidity to our ecosystem and bring programmable privacy to your assets.

We are building Secret Network to be a data privacy and liquidity hub for the blockchain universe. These new bridges - along with applications like SecretSwap and new primitives like Secret NFTs - are critical to its ongoing growth. Join us, and help us secure the future of the decentralized web.

What’s Next?

As mentioned above, the Binance Smart Chain Bridge is now live on mainnet. At this time, anyone will be able create Secret Token versions of the supported BEP20 BSC assets, exchange and yield farm with these tokens, and burn them to transfer back to Binance Smart Chain.

For users who are already familiar with DeFi and liquidity mining, this is an attractive new way to get yield and privacy on BSC assets while also gaining exposure to the groundbreaking world of Secret DeFi - a universe where applications are front-running resistant and private by design!

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Secret Network is community-governed and directly supported by dozens of independent companies, node operators, and developers around the world. There are many ways to contribute to the growth of our network and ecosystem, including by becoming part of a Secret Committee (or starting your own!)

Thanks for reading to the end! We're excited to finally bring our privacy solutions to the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem and help grow a more secure, more accessible, and more usable global open financial ecosystem. As we continue to bring the power of programmable privacy to more ecosystems and assets, we hope you will join us in our mission of empowering and protecting millions of users around the world.

Onwards and upwards!

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