Secret Feature: SecretDAO

SecretDAO is a robust decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) generation platform built on Secret Network that aims to make DAO creation simple, easy, and cost-effective.

Secret Feature: SecretDAO

Hello Secret community! Today we are excited to announce the upcoming launch of a new addition to the Secret Network ecosystem: SecretDAO, which is launching their first collaborative event on February 28th, 2022. Learn more about SecretDAO and the benefits of using their platform within this article!

Written by the SecretDAO team

What is SecretDAO?

SecretDAO is a robust decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) generation platform that aims to make DAO creation simple, easy, and cost-effective. By providing existing and new communities with DAO tooling capabilities like the ability to create tokens, build treasuries, and vote on community proposals, we look to empower artists and creators to do more for a lot less. With communities growing larger and larger as cryptocurrency continues to rise in popularity, we hope to be a front-runner in providing a service that tackles an overarching problem experienced by every community.

Why SecretDAO?

With the rise and popularity of NFTs and their communities, users have faced problems with being able to govern their communities in a truly user-friendly and accessible way. At the blink of an eye, a community with great talent and high potential for success can be overwhelmed with rapid growth.

Going viral with a project, although desirable for many reasons, can be overwhelming when considering scalability.

Generating tokens, allocating tokens, creating a medium in which to create proposals and then voting on said proposals are only some of the necessary components of being a decentralized autonomous organization. With that being said, these aspects not only require technical ability and an abundance of funding, but require valuable resources that could be used in other aspects of the project to grow the community and develop better outreach.

This is what SecretDAO aims to solve. A truly accessible and user-friendly way to scale your project and make sure that the right steps are taken to become a fully functional DAO.

How does SecretDAO Empower Communities?

SecretDAO, although still in early development, looks to provide services that will allow scalability to be much more attainable for a growing community.

With SecretDAO, creating and allocating “tokens” will be as easy as giving the token a name and sending them to the respective community members. This empower the DAO creators by cutting out the necessity of designing a token, hiring developers to build the token, and creating a medium in which this token is managed. All of this will be handled internally within the SecretDAO platform.

Furthermore, the platform will help in providing a medium in which members of the respective DAO can initiate and interact with community led governance proposals using the generated tokens created by its leaders. This will allow for a truly collaborative and autonomous process in which DAOs can involve their communities with future directions for their project(s).

Lastly, a major focus of our platform is to ensure that communities are able to collaborate in community coordination. By creating a product in which all DAO members are free to speak and discuss on relevant topics, the problem of cluttered chat groups can be solved. We hope that this will allow for a truly user-friendly experience when communicating to DAO members.

Again, it is important for us to communicate that SecretDAO is in its early stages of development. This means that although these ideas are ideal at this current stage, they may change based on how we feel we can support and empower our artists/creators even further.

The Fun Part: Funding the Project x MrMinded

So how to fund this project? We have deliberated thoroughly on all of our options and have chosen to do this in a way that aligns with our vision.

What better way to fund a project that looks to empower artists, creators, and communities than to actually do just that? Empower an artist to scale their community and grow it at the same time. We’ve partnered with our very own NFT artist, MrMinded (Ample Agents creator), to release an NFT collection that will ultimately decide the projection of SecretDAO!

Cyclops Circus, his newest creation of a traveling caravan of different cyclops species, is set to release its first collection on February 28th, 2022. Revenue generated from the initial three collections will help in the funding and development of SecretDAO.

What’s the incentive for minting one of the early collections from Cyclops Circus other than owning a cool NFT you might ask? Early collectors that support us by purchasing in the Cyclops Circus collection will have access to claim a future airdrop. (More details to be released at a later date.)

A Future Filled with Empowered Communities

We could go on and on with talking about the future of SecretDAO and its artists, but we would rather show you instead. We are ramping-up our efforts to create a wider reach for this project and would love your support in the early stages of development.

The SecretDAO team looks to revolutionize the way we provide supporting services for members of the community, and we hope you’ll be there on February 28th, 2022 for an absolutely historic moment. Feel free to join us on Discord or Telegram for continued updates on SecretDAO!



What’s Next?

The creation of SecretDAO is right in line with the reveal of Shockwave in early January of 2022. With more products being funded and built, more creators launching on Secret Network, and more supporters and partners than ever helping to ensure our global growth, the future has never been brighter for Web3 privacy.

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If you’re anyone who is passionate about ensuring Web3 users have the data privacy protections they need and deserve, become a Secret Agent. It is our mission to make sure the decentralized web we’re building is one that truly empowers - and one that is accessible to all.

Secret Network - Become a Secret Agent
Secret Network is a blockchain-based, open-source protocol that lets anyone perform computations on encrypted data, bringing privacy to smart contracts and public blockchains.

Thank you for your support - the Shockwave is just starting! 🤫

Onwards and upwards!

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